Free Software Downloads Can Help Boost Workflow

Get Organized & Improve Your Overall Efficiency

Looking to become more efficient at home or in the office? Productive tools can make a world of difference. Whether you just need to download basic software to create documents, or more advanced graphics editing software, productivity software can help you achieve professional-looking results with easy to use software that doesn’t cost a fortune—and it’s free!

What’s your computer missing? There are a ton of open-source productivity tools that you can download for free. Below are the different types of productivity software available and the features included that can help you become more efficient at home and in the workplace.

Productivity Suites

Productivity Suites, also knows as office suites are a collection of programs that can be used to create and produce documents, presentations, databases, charts, graphs and more. Productivity Suites have a consistent user interface and can interact with each other. One of the biggest benefits to using a productivity suite, like OpenOffice Suite or Microsoft Office, is cross-application integration—which means that all of the applications (your data and work) are compatible and can be used together.

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Word Processors

Word processors are a must-have for any computer. They feature a variety of uses and applications for businesses, homes, education, journalism and publishing. Word processors provide the basic tools needed to write, edit, format and even print documents. You can also collaborate with multiple people on one document, store documents online, and perform format conversions with word processors.

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Spreadsheet Software

Spreadsheet software can save you hours of work and get you ultra organized in just about every way! Spreadsheet software allows you to organize and analyze all of your data in easy to read, computable tables. Spreadsheets are basically accounting worksheets that provide cells which can be organized in rows and columns. Each cell can contain numbers, text or even formulas that automatically calculate the value of other cells.

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Presentation Software

Presentation software can allow you to view and display information in the form of a slide show. This type of program typically has three major functions: an editor that allows text to be inserted and formatted, a technique for inserting and editing graphic images, and a slide-show system that you can use to creatively display your content.

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Publishing & Graphics

Publishing and graphics software can be used for image editing, re-touching and authoring. Depending on the software, you can draw, resize, crop, create a photo-montage, convert images between different formats, publish and more.

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Office Applications

Office Applications such as PDF Creator can allow you to easily convert documents into professional portable document format (PDF). GTD-Free is a personal TO DO/action manager that is based on the widely acclaimed book and way of life “Getting Things Done.” It is simple and easy to use.

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