Why Should You Use Productivity Tools?

Productivity tools (also known as productivity software) have a purpose in our everyday lives, both at home and at work. Chances are, you’ve used productivity tools and you weren’t even aware you were using them.

“Productivity tools” refers to the software that people use to create and produce documents, presentations, databases, charts, and graphs. It’s not exactly the most exciting and fun software out there, but for many organizations, corporations, and individuals, it’s a necessity!

So why should you use productivity tools? While there are a wide range of benefits, the best reason is that it just makes essential, everyday computing tasks more efficient. Who doesn’t want that?

Making Everyday Tasks More Efficient

Think back to the last time you used a computer, which was probably some time today. What was the task you needed to accomplish and what software did you use to do so? Most likely, you used a productivity tool.

Most essential everyday computing tasks can be tackled with productivity tools. Need to write a letter? What about creating address labels, or a graph with data that you’ve collected? All of these things and more are easy to do thanks to productivity software.

If you don’t have productivity software, it’s hard to imagine the steps you would need to go through create these tasks on your own. It would require a lot of coordination and extra leg work—certainly not the most efficient use of your already busy day!

Productivity tools come in a wide range of software, sometimes bundled together or offered separately. Productivity tools include:

Word & Data Processing Software OpenOffice Writer AbiWord KOffice
Spreadsheet Software OpenOffice Calc KOffice
Presentation Software OpenOffice Impress KOffice
Database Software OpenOffice Base KOffice
Graphic Design & Editing Software OpenOffice Draw GIMP Dia FreeMind
File Management Software PDF Creator
Publishing Software Scribus OpenOffice Draw
Organization Software GTD-Free
Email Software SeaMonkey

Professional Quality Documents, Presentations & Graphics

Productivity tools also help you create professional quality documents, presentations, graphics, and more. Sure, you could probably create these same things freehand, but it just wouldn’t have that same professional polish that will make your work stand out.

Say for example, you need to prepare a business pitch. Use a word or data processing software to polish up your raw content, and then use spreadsheet software to create charts and graphs for visual appeal. Design a logo with your graphics software, and create assets for your business. Then put it all into a presentation to nicely sum up your talking points and give visual interest during your presentation. Now that’s professional!

It’s not all about the looks, either. Productivity tools often have built-in spelling and grammar checkers, calculators, and other tools to make sure that you are producing not only stellar-looking products, but also accurate and statistically sound products as well.

Cross-Application Integration

The biggest benefit to using a productivity suite, like OpenOffice Suite or Microsoft Office, is that all of the applications can be integrated with each other, and your data and work is usable within the platform.

What does this mean exactly? Let’s say you have a database of names and addresses that you need to turn into address labels. This should be a fairly easy task, unless your database is managed by different software. A productivity suite would allow you to import that database of names into your word or data processor into a simple template. Then, presto! You’d have labels you could print and send.

Or, what about charts and graphs you created in your spreadsheet program that you need in your presentation? Sure, you could save those images and insert them manually, but a productivity suite would allow you to embed those charts and graphs directly into the presentation software. Now, if there’s any change to the data in those charts and graphs, they would automatically change in your presentation too.

Perhaps the biggest benefit that we have not yet mentioned is for those who work from home. You’re used to having all the up-to-date, name-brand applications in an office setting, but it’s not always the same once you’re at your home office. Using our recommended productivity tools ensures that you will have the compatibility to work with your files at home, and then easily transfer that work back to your office software.