Getting Started With Zoho Office

Zoho Office is a comprehensive, free productivity software suite that can be used entirely online. Zoho Office includes a word processor, spreadsheet software, presentation software, as well as a host of client management and internal office tools.

Since Zoho Office is an online system, you can access and share you documents anywhere you have access to your account. Additionally, you can store your documents on Zoho’s servers, or “the cloud”, keeping your documents, spreadsheets, and more completely safe and secure.

Just getting started with Zoho Office? We’ve put together some basic Zoho Office tips, tutorials, and resources you can utilize to help you get started.

For a complete video tutorial, watch this walkthrough to set up your integrated web office suite:

Or, if you’re looking for help with a specific component of Zoho Office, search through Zoho’s official library of video tutorials:

Check out Zoho Office’s official Resources page to find answers to all your frequently asked questions and more:

You can also submit questions and look for answers in the community forum: