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Draw gives you the power to create and edit graphics, making it a powerful tool for technical or general posters, or just about anything that needs illustration.

Pros: Easy to use; understandable user interface

Cons: Lacks some sophistication compared to Microsoft Visio

  • Version: 4.0.1
  • File Size: 137MB
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  • Operating Systems:
    Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Windows 2000

Editor's Reviews


OpenOffice Draw gives you the tools to communicate through graphics and diagrams. From quick sketches to complex plans to diagrams, Draw is a powerful tool.


OpenOffice Draw is a simple but useful productivity tool that can help you create a variety of graphics. Whether they are needed for personal or professional use, OpenOffice Draw can help you create professional graphics, charts, and much more.

Even though some people knock the simplicity of OpenOffice Draw, just as many others believe its power lies in just that. Without all the automatic functionality that some people love in Microsoft Visio, users of OpenOffice Draw find freedom and are able to create graphics just as they need them.

OpenOffice Draw has a comprehensive selection of tools and shapes that can be used to create nearly any type of graphical representation. Quick line sketches, organization charts, seating plans, flowcharts, or simple diagrams can all be made with OpenOffice Draw. Also, these graphics and diagrams can be seamlessly integrated into any OpenOffice Suite program, such as Writer or Impress, so your graphics can be shared in your documents or presentations.


Whether you love or hate OpenOffice Draw is really a matter of what you’re used to and what you’re looking to do. For those that need to do simple graphics and diagrams, OpenOffice Draw works wonders. But for those who are used to the automatic features and snap grids that come with Microsoft Visio, OpenOffice Draw will likely be a step backwards for you.

Also, the support for OpenOffice Draw is a bit lacking. Because of the straightforward nature of the program, there isn’t a whole lot of documentation available in case you want to do more advanced tasks.

Final Verdict:

For an easy to understand, simple diagram software, OpenOffice Draw is the best bet. You can create beautiful diagrams and graphics in a snap!

Product Description

While other office suites may leave graphics editing programs out of their complete suite, OpenOffice includes Draw. Draw is a simple-to-use photo and graphics editor. Think of Draw as a souped-up version of MS Paint, where you can create and edit professional-level images quickly and easily.


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  • Publisher: The Apache Software Group
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  • License: GNU GPL

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  • Version: 4.0.1
  • File Size: 137MB
  • Price: FREE
  • Operating Systems: Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Windows 2000