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Base is a comprehensive database management system designed to handle everything from personal address books to department sales reports, and much more!

Pros: Great tool for keeping large amounts of data organized and accessible

Cons: Doesn’t quite stack up to its paid counterpart, Microsoft Access

  • Version: 4.0.1
  • File Size: 137MB
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  • Operating Systems:
    Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Windows 2000

Editor's Reviews


OpenOffice Base is a full-feature database management system that helps you organize large amounts of data. Track personal CD collections, address books, or create monthly department sales reports with Base.


OpenOffice Base is a solid desktop database management system for personal and small business users. The interface is basic but gets the job done, and you can create a number of different kinds of databases for all your data needs.

As far as functionality, OpenOffice Base is a simpler version of its paid counterpart—but it still gets the job done. Create tables, table views, queries, forms, and reports with ease from the initial dashboard of Base. Additionally, there is a wizard that walks you through creating all of these documents, a quite helpful feature for newcomers to the SQL database world.

OpenOffice Base also has cross-suite compatibility and functionality. Use your data to create mailing labels, charts, and add them to presentations seamlessly. OpenOffice Base also supports read-only compatibility with Microsoft Access and LibreOffice, so you can easily transfer data between the different software.


Despite its usable functionality, it a few leaps behind its competitor Microsoft Access. For those who need more than basic database management, OpenOffice Base is probably not the right tool for them. Access just has more tools and better capabilities, bottom line.

OpenOffice Base can also be a bit spotty, crashing at times. A good database management tool should be stable, considering it holds valuable information.

Final Verdict:

OpenOffice Base is a competent software, but it’s probably best used by people who only have small-enterprise or personal management tasks. It is not recommended for large-scale enterprise database management.

Product Description

Whether you're an experienced database user or you're shopping around for your first database manager, OpenOffice Base can make your life a lot easier. Similar to Microsoft Access, Base can connect to databases, create forms, and manage database information. Base makes it easy to sort data and share information. Perform complex searches and format your data to be easily accessible.


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  • Publisher: The Apache Software Foundation
  • Publisher Site:
  • License: GNU GPL

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  • Version: 4.0.1
  • File Size: 137MB
  • Price: FREE
  • Operating Systems: Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Windows 2000