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Google Sheets lets you create and share spreadsheets and data completely FREE and without having to download cumbersome software.

Pros: Comprehensive spreadsheet application; can work both online and offline

Cons: Does not have PivotTable or VLookup functionality; requires Google account to access

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Google Sheets is a web-based spreadsheet application that allows you to create and share spreadsheets for just about anything with data.


If you’re looking for a comprehensive spreadsheet application, Google Sheets will satisfy nearly every need you have. Data formatting and sorting, spreadsheet formulas and charts are all possible with Google Sheets. Added bonus, it’s completely free as long as you have a Google account login.

Even if you’re not a heavy-duty number cruncher, you will undoubtedly have reason to need to create a spreadsheet. Google Sheets makes it easy for you to keep track of anything—your household budget, food inventory, schedules, the sky is the limit. You can also share and allow edits of spreadsheets with others that have Google accounts. So, no more having to send email attachments and hoping that they have the compatible program installed. Just type in an email and share!

Google Sheets’ latest version also boasts an offline feature, which allows you to edit and view spreadsheets without being connected to the Web. This is extremely useful if you need to access your data in a hurry (and possibly aren’t around a network connection).


The most obvious con is that you will need a Google account login to access Google Sheets—but honestly, who doesn’t have that these days? Also, in order to take advantage of the offline feature, you’ll need to download a separate desktop app, and make sure that both the Web-based and local versions of your spreadsheets are synced when on a network.

In addition, more advanced functions can be tricky or not available on Google Sheets. For example, if you need to create Pivot Tables or do VLookup (Excel nerds will understand this), you’ll still need Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc to accomplish your goals. And, depending on your network connection, scrolling through large data sets and multiple sheets can take some time, and sometimes leads to system blips. Google assures us they have worked to fix this glitch, and working offline can help, but large data sets still seem to cause some slowdowns.

Final Verdict:

For those in need of functional but basic spreadsheet application, I strongly recommend using Google Sheets. Not only can you perform all the data sorting and formula functions that you need for everyday spreadsheet tasks, but you can also share them with anyone who has a Google account. Google Sheets is a great value for little to no cost!

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Google Sheets makes your data pop with colorful charts and graphs. Built-in formulas, pivot tables and conditional formatting options save time and simplify common spreadsheet tasks. All for free.


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  • Version: 1.0
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