What Is Productivity Software?

Productivity software is one of the main reasons we use computers today—these programs are the magic behind it all! The main function of productivity software is to make it easier for people to accomplish specific jobs and tasks on the computer.

Whatever it is you need to get done, productivity software can help you do it! From creating documents, presentations, charts and graphs, to spreadsheets, web pages, and more.

Productivity software programs are typically offered bundled together in what is called a productivity suite. Bundling programs together allows for them to easily interact with one another, making your life easier.

Name-brand productivity software like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop can be very pricey. But thanks to open-source software there are a ton of great alternatives you can download for free, all with comparable features. Below are some of the most powerful and popular free productivity software suites around. Click on a suite to learn more about the programs and features included in each package.

Don’t need an entire office suite? Below are free individual productivity software applications. Click on a program to learn more: