Is Cloud-Based Productivity Software Better?

What is exactly is cloud productivity? “The Cloud” is a term that has evolved over time to describe utilities housed on the Internet that you can access anytime. In particular, the term refers to utilities that used to only be accessible once installed on your laptop or computer. So, thanks to The Cloud, you no longer have to buy software then download it onto your computer—now you can use the same programs by simply logging in online.

Cloud-based Productivity Software (also known as cloud computing) has proven to be popular with many small companies, since it enables them to access software and servers located in a secure data center, maintained not by an IT staff, but by the software provider, thus saving them money. Generally, cloud-based productivity software is cost effective, but that doesn’t mean every small business should switch.

Small business owners have different needs and different comfort levels. It may be more advantageous for you to use cloud computing only for certain applications. Or even not at all. Open-source productivity software might be the best option for your small business.

3 Disadvantages of Cloud-Based Productivity Software

1) Downtime

Cloud-based productivity software makes your small business dependent on your Internet connection… and everyone knows that Internet service is unreliable. In particular, if your Internet functions at slow speeds, cloud computing may not be suitable for your business.

2) Security

One of the biggest concerns about cloud computing is safety of data. Really, how safe is your data? Most people recommend staying away from cloud-based productivity applications that involve using or storing data that you are not comfortable having on the Internet.

3) Cost

At first glance, cloud-based productivity software may appear to be cheaper than a name-brand software solution, but you have to consider all of the features as well. For many, once you weigh the cost and the features, free open-source productivity software can prove to be the most cost effective.